Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ghana's Patricia Ofori To Be Laid To Rest

Former Black Queens player Patricia Ofori,29,who met her untimely death on April 21st,2011 in a car accident in Huntsville,Alabama USA will be laid to rest this Saturday in Accra,Ghana. All sympathizers and well wishers are cordially invited to join in the celebration of Patricia's life.A soccer game featuring former teammates,friends and former Black Queens players will be played in her honor before her interment.

Tribute to the Gentle Giant
I first came to know Patricia Ofori in the late 1990's when she played as a center back for her club side Mawuena Ladies FC.She was graceful and calm on the ball,boy ! was she a joy to watch,I had high hopes for her. I always followed her career at club level and couldn't wait to see her in national team colors.

In 2003,though I had wished to see her play for Ghana a bit earlier,Pat was called to play for her country. The gentle giant has arrived ! Then as ambitious as she was, she left the shores of Ghana to further her education in the USA.Yet again she excelled. Pat remained grounded and never let success cloud her judgment, she continued to push for the very top and though it wasn't easy,she always kept a smile on her face and shared words of  encouragement with her peers. Pat brought warmth to all around her,there was never a dull moment with Pat.

It's so unfortunate Ghana has a ridiculous habit of  indirectly retiring  female soccer stars prematurely for,Pat and many others still had a lot to offer the Black Queens.Players are swept under the rag rampantly like dirt,talented players are neglected for no tangible reason,the revolving door never shuts where coaches are concerned,administrative lapses are perpetually present and nothing seems to be done to remedy the problem.
 Sadly enough and as expected,the fortunes of the Black Queens continues to dwindle. What more will it take  for the GFA to realize the depth of the hole the the 'Queens are in ? Sorry, I had to get this off my chest.

You see, the last time I had a conversation with Pat,it was all about how to rally herself and other ex-internationals to get on board the "Save Ghana's Women's Soccer" bandwagon.I am deeply saddened by her sadden death and the thought of Pat not being here is like a stab in the heart. It's my fervent prayer that all Ghana's women's soccer players past and present,home and abroad will stand united as we mourn Patricia Ofori and in her memory, make it a concerted effort to provide whatever support they can in the march to reviving Ghana's women's soccer, regardless of the hardships they endured or unpleasant stories they have to tell about their time as players.

Pat's death though unfortunate and sudden must unite the women's soccer community in Ghana.That is exactly what Patricia would like,to see her team mates come together to help put Ghana's women's soccer back to where she belongs-ON TOP ! Patricia though gone must never be forgotten,she was and still is A BLACK QUEEN,she will forever remain the gentle giant,the brightest among her peers and the sweetest soul I have ever known. God speed,Pat !

May your soul rest in perfect peace !

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    may her gentle soul rest in peace