Tuesday, June 9, 2015

2015 FIFA WOMEN'S WORLD CUP- A Historic Outing For Cameroon,A resurrection for Nigeria,what more ?

What an eventful day yesterday turned out to be, with Nigeria fighting to the end to secure a well deserved draw against Sweden and Cameroon crowing a historic debut at the FIFA Women's World Cup with a historic win as the highest scoring African country.

Africa is really proud of these countries I should say, and congratulations to both nations. As the competition progresses the opposition gets stronger and more will be asked from Nigeria and Cameroon. Well,and La Cote D'ivoire too.
Watching USA vs Australia gave me chills considering the high level of discipline,the tactical approach to the game by USA,the tenacity of Australia not forgetting the abundance of talent at the disposal of both teams. The most important lesson Africa must learn is the discipline and character of these countries.

African women's soccer has come a long way but the niggling problem of tactical discipline still lingers. There is abundance of talent in Africa no doubt ! but taking the game to the next level is the ability to understand and execute tactical play in all departments.

Nigeria has loads of  technically gifted players, but where they have always lacked is in tactical  and organizational discipline.Cameroon made history by demolishing Ecuador much to the joy of the entire continent but  there is a smoke screen here. They are not tactically sound. Gone are the days when talent and athleticism was all that mattered- you know, the kick,run, shimmy and shoot kind of soccer. The game has evolved and there is the need for one to be a student of the game in order to excel.

As I sat with rapt attention,eyes glued to my television screen,I couldn't help but feel sorry for  the Ivorian coach Clementine Toure, when the camera zoomed in on her. The look on her face spoke volumes as her team were being mauled by the relentless Germans. All  I could blurt out was "welcome to the world cup where there is no mercy". I saw a dejected coach wondering what just hit her or was it the look of being clueless ? Then the question arises, how did the coach  prepare the team and what did she  work on ?

La Cote D'ivoire may be excused for being debutantes and having to play against Germany,a heavy weight in women's soccer. However, their performance leaves a sour taste in one's mouth considering the level at which the Women's World Cup is played.I hope they can put the Germany experience behind and approach their next games a positive in a positive light working with the lessons learned from the past.

Cameroon and Nigeria may have done Africa proud with their performances thus far but the journey has not yet ended. Africa and the world expects more from them as expectations have been heightened. The onus lies on their handlers to enforce what they have drilled into their players and for the players to execute them to the maximum.
The rest of world of women's soccer  is paying attention to Cameroon and Nigeria and Africa is routing for her representatives. So keep your heads up Elephants, soar higher Falcons, roar the loudest Lionesses  for as Adidas spells it, IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.

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