Thursday, April 12, 2012

'Indomitable Lionesses need encouragement' - Coach Enow Ngachu

Indomitable Lionesses coach Enow Ngachu
Coach Enow Ngachu 's side  qualified for the Olympic game in London 2012 silencing many who doubted the potential of the  Indomitable Lionesses.Not much has been heard from the Cameoornian national women's soccer team since their historic qualification. Coach Ngachu granted journalist Fred Vubem Toh an interview to talk about his plans for the team and their preparations so far.

FVT:What have you been doing since you qualified for the London Olympics?

EN:Actually we have been prospecting and we have seen a few girls who can help the team. We will like to start preparing for the games as early as possible not only for the Olympic Games but also for the match against Ghana counting for the qualifiers for the Africa Cup of Nations. We have done nothing apart from prospecting for new matches, watching matches and finding out who can help us.

FVT:We are less than three months to the start of the Olympic Games and your team is not yet in camp. What accounts for this situation?

EN:I don't know. I can't say anything about that. I made a programme and submitted to the authorities and I am still waiting for a reply. However, they have evoked the lack of finances but said they are working on it presently and in the days ahead; things will be put in order. We really need to prepare well for the match against Ghana and the Olympic Games, if not we will face difficulties not only against Ghana but also in the Olympic Games. The away leg will take place on May 26 and the return leg on June 16 and counts for the qualifiers for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations to take place in Equatorial Guinea. Ghana has been training, together with South Africa, playing tournaments in Europe and America. We usually train only for one or two days before a match which is very insufficient for high level football.

FVT:What does the programme you submitted entail for this period of preparation for the London Olympics?

EN:We were supposed to have six training camps in Yaounde and about nine friendly matches against local teams and some national teams. Both the federation and the ministry of Sports and Physical Education are working on the programme so that we can play some friendly matches before the Olympics. The Olympic Committee made us to know that, during the last two weeks, we will train in Aberdeen-Scotland. So before Scotland, something should be done.

FVT:How do you size-up Cameroon's chances at the Olympic Games or you are just going to London to participate since Pierre de Coubertin said the essential is participating?

EN:I am quite optimistic and I believe in my team. This is going to be our first participation and we are going to London to learn. But while learning we will strive to go as afar as possible. As I said before, the essential is preparing well and early enough.


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