Sunday, October 30, 2011

Eucharia Uche-Stop Apportioning Blame and Get Closer to God

The just fired Falcons coach Eucheria Uche has called on Nigerian football enthusiasts to stop trading blames over the misfortunes that befell the country's football.

Uche who led the women team to a fruitless chase of an Olympic 2012 ticket stated that problems facing Nigerian football are either man made of spiritual and so it was only prayers rather than accusations that can prevent a further slide.

"I encourage Nigerians to get closer to God knowing fully well that there is nothing anybody can achieve without God.

"If we had ruled Africa, and now we are struggling and getting stiff opposition whether it is man-made or spiritual, it tells us that we need to commit everything to God.

"It's not time to apportion blames or fall back on our past time of sacking this one and replacing the other one," she said.

Uche's future as Falcons coach hangs in the balance as the Nigeria Football Federation executive committee meets Friday to examine the recent draw backs in the game. Uche stated that she was not afraid of getting the sack.

"I am not expecting sack, we should not reduce it to a personal thing. I have given my best, and I am ready for whatever that comes after it," she said.

Eucharia Uche also said she is not perturbed about having being sacked following her team's failure to grab the London 2012 Olympic Games ticket.

Falcons' dream of an Olympic appearance was shattered on Saturday in Yaounde by the Indomitable Lionesses of Cameroon who defeated them 4-3 on penalties after full and extra time aggregate score stood at 2-2.

she said that she did her work to the best of her ability.The former Nigerian international gave her players pass mark even in defeat.

"We did our best, I commend the players for a good contest.

"They entered into the game with high hope only to be disorganised by the penalty and red card.

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