Sunday, September 11, 2011

AAG News- Ghana draws with South Africa,Tanzania draws with Zimbabwe

In the much anticipated match between Ghana and South Africa,spectators were entertained in a thrilling encounter which lived up to it's bidding as the game to watch on a hot afternoon at the Maxaquene Stadium in Maputo.

Mgcoyi celebrates
Ghana drew first blood on the 23rd minute but South Africa's Andiswe Mgcoyi responded with a 37th minute strike to cancel Ghana's lead.The score the the half's end was a goal apiece to either side.

As the odds favored the Ghanaians,a 57th minute goal added more fuel to Ghana's burning desire to carry the day with the score at 2-1, but 62 minutes of play later,Andiswe Mgcoyi once again  threw a wrench into the Ghanaian defensive  setup when she powered a thunderbolt past the on rushing goal keeper, Nana Ama Asantewa  leaving defender Edem Atorvo  with no chance of clearing the ball.

Mgcoyi's brace gingered the South Africans to press for more goals but a resolute Ghanaian defense foiled their efforts at goal.

The two nations played their hearts out in the scorching heat as fans cheered them on but the score remained the same till the referee brought an end to proceedings. Ghana and South Africa will advance to the semi finals  with Ghana topping  group B with 7 points.South Africa comes second with 5 points.

In Group A the match between Tanzania and Zimbabwe ended in a 2-2 draw.

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