Thursday, June 9, 2011

We Are Capable of getting through the Group Stage-Marcelo Frigerio

Brazilian coach Marcelo Frigerio says that his team wants to get through the group stage and is capable of doing so.In an interview,Marcelo Frigerio said about his team,"This is an extraordinary team. Their power, their speed and their mentality are unique. It is something I believe is in their blood."

Frigerio, who has coached women's teams for 16 years and took charge of Equatorial Guinea in March is sure that the element of surprise will work in their favor  because 'we have the advantage that not a lot is known about us' he added. This fact was reiterated by Brazil's coach Kleiton Lima and other opponents who have vowed not to underrate the Nzalang Femenina who are drawn alongside Norway and Australia in group D.

The  president of the country's national football association  Bonifacio Manga Obiang, summed it all up whne he said "Teams like Equatorial Guinea are unpredictable and will provide the tournament with some real excitement. Past World Cups have often proved that the new teams are the ones who can create a surprise or two.
We should fear absolutely nobody. We have a talented squad who have earned the right to seize this opportunity. They certainly won't let our country down."

Back home in Equatorial Guinea,the streets of Malabo are bubbling with support for the women's national team  with men, women and children all rooting for the most popular team in the country, The Nzalang Femenina as Frigerio rightly calls them THE PRIDE OF THE NATION.

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