Tuesday, May 3, 2011

AAG 2nd Leg-Black Princesses vs Super Falcons A Juicy Plot

Home based Super Falcons

A former Super Falcons coach Joseph Ladipo, a.k.a. Josy Lad, has voiced his displeasure at the Super Falcon's coaching crew for featuring an entirely local and inexperienced team against arch rivals,Ghana.
The Black Princesses,Ghana's U-20 team forced a 1-1 draw out of the Super Falcons in the 2011 All Africa Games qualifier  making the return leg in Accra, Ghana a difficult task, says Ladipo.

The former coach,Ladipo  said if experience is the best teacher then,Uche and her technical team should know that Ghana should never be taken lightly regardless of how low the fortunes of Ghana's women soccer  has plunged lately and so the strongest team should  have been fielded no matter what.

The Ghanaian team should be immensely congratulated for pulling off such a a feat. Yes, a feat i call it,considering the fact that when it comes to women's soccer,Ghana has always been devoured by Nigeria except for once in 2007 when Ghana beat Nigeria 1-0 in an Olympic games qualifier in Accra and so, for the U-20's to go back home with a goal in their coffers is indeed laudable. For all the admirable qualities I have come to appreciate in Nigeria's Super Falcons from the early beginnings of the Ghana vs Nigeria rivalry till date,one that stands out for me is the respect  both countries have for each other.

Of course like many,I wondered what could have been,had the top dogs of the Falcons been released by their European clubs for the 1st leg encounter but that does not  nullify the fact that Ghana's U-20's are a force to be reckoned with, they are a team with tons of potential and so must be accorded respect.Ladipo must remember that the so called Europe based players started out as "inexperienced local" players who aspire to take over the mantle of the top dogs some day.Anyway Ghana says,bring it on !

The stage has been set for fire works in Accra, when the Super Falcons come flying in, in a fortnight. We wait  patiently to see what Ladipo's remarks will be next.Whiles Nigeria could blame drawing against Ghana on the absence of  their Europe based players,Ghana can boast of parading an under 20 team against a seasoned local based Super Falcons making the return leg more intriguing.

Ghana wants to be in Maputo,Mozambique later this year as much as Nigeria and both countries will leave no stone unturned to make their dreams materialize. On the young shoulders of the Black Princesses lies the huge burden of a country whose soccer is desperate for redemption and another who wants to maintain their traditional dominance.Could this be the el clasico of African women's soccer ?

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