Friday, December 7, 2012

FIFA/COCA COLA Women's Ranking- December Updates

Life at the top of the FIFA/COCA COLA women's ranking table remains the same with the USA holding on to the number once slot. However the likes of Nigeria have seen their fortunes dwindling as they plunge five places to settle at the 32nd rank. Equatorial Guinea on the other hand saw the most gains as they climbed eight places to clinch the 54th spot.Angola dropped 27th places down the ladder,the worst on the continent per the December 7th ranking.Africa is still unable to break into the top 20 in the world.With strong showings by Equatorial Guinea lately, could they be the first African country to crack the top 20 in the world ?CLICK HERE FOR FULL WOMEN'S WORLD RANKINGS
RnkZon. RnkTeamPts+/- Pos
321 Nigeria1622-5Down
502 Cameroon14670Equal
513 Ghana14590Equal
544 Equatorial Guinea14298Up
565 South Africa14250Equal
686 Côte d'Ivoire13440Equal
717 Morocco1330-1Down
728 Tunisia13251Up
749 Algeria13200Equal
8210 Egypt12891Up
8611 Senegal1247-7Down
9012 Mali12040Equal
9213 Zimbabwe11972Up
10014 Ethiopia11631Up
10515 Congo DR11321Up
11216 Guinea10631Up
11317 Namibia10171Up
11918 Tanzania9410Equal
11919 Zambia9410Equal
12620 Mozambique873-2Down
12721 Malawi840-2Down
13022 Botswana708-3Down
13123 Congo12380Equal
13124 Benin11870Equal
13125 Angola1134-27Down
13126 Sierra Leone11320Equal
13127 Eritrea10600Equal
13128 Gabon10310Equal
13129 Burkina Faso10030Equal
13130 Guinea-Bissau9270Equal
13131 Liberia8770Equal
13132 Swaziland8630Equal
13133 Comoros5340Equal
13134 Uganda9650Equal
13135 Lesotho8580Equal
13136 Kenya8160Equal

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