Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kuuku Dadzie-U20's Lacked Tactical Play, Had No Depth,No Confidence

Ghana coach Robert Sackey
Ghana's coach of the 2010 FIFA women's U20 world cup team,Kuuku Dadzie was quick to voice his opinion about the tactical ineptitude of the 2012 U20 team coached by Robert Sackey after they were white washed by the USA by 4 goals to nil at the on going FIFA women's U20 competition in Japan.

Apparently,Kuuku Dadzie coached the very same team Robert Sackey inherited as both coaches led their teams  to play against the USA. In 2010,Dadzie's team came out with a draw whereas Sackey's team were losers.We get it, coming out with a point is definitely better than nothing at all. Let's not forget that Team USA U20 of 2012  has no Sydney Leroux  but has some equally gifted players promoted from the U17s and a core of the 2010 team and the same can be said about Ghana.In fact,had Kuuku Dadzie been  tactically adept,Ghana should have carried the day against the USA on that fateful day.

Yes Sackey's team faded after 14 minutes of  ball possession,they fired erratically,their top marksman had  just 2 shots at goal,the entire team lacked imagination,they lacked tactical discipline and the list goes on. But is it not the very same problem which plagued this very same team under Kuuku Dadzie ? A case of the kettle calling the pot black. Ghana has always been a technically gifted side by all standards, but has been dogged by the perennial lack of tactical discipline and the absence of a fighting spirit.
James Kuuku Dadzie

For the first time in Ghana's women's soccer history,Kuuku Dadzie failed to qualify the Ghana senior national team to the African Women's Championship final with a team made up of a hand full of  promoted U20 players  he took to the 2010 U20 FIFA women's world cup and the All African Games.How then can he criticize the team he once coached for being tactically inept ?Will Kuuku Dadzie then judge the present team by his standards if they are kicked out of the competition like his side was two years ago or will he recant his opinion ?

Even though coach Robert Sackey has taken responsibility for the loss in their first game,the competition is still in progress and as the team struggles to psyche themselves up for their next game against the Germans considering the fitness issues of some of the players,coach Robert Sackey will have to map out a strategy to contain the apparent German onslaught.May be a win against China will make the pain go away. Over to you Robert Sackey.

By Kelly Primus Armah


  1. Well said by coach Kuuku Dadzie but to me a much follower of women football in Ghana i think much needs to be done,from the players point i think they need to know why they are there not to make up the numbers but to redeem their own image,also i think lack of self confidence should be erased from their mind

    1. Ghana has talented players but tactically inept coaches and Kuuku Dadzie is not an exception.The players need to understand the game from a tactical stand point going forward. I believe they have what it takes to succeed but for the lack of tactical discipline.