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Many have asked questions about the relevance of the FIFA   women's world rankings,some have actually lost faith in the ranking and others don't care about its existence  at all.For the past fear years the women's rankings where Africa is concerned, has been stagnant,defeating the purpose for which the rankings were instituted.
African nations have seen little or no movement on the ladder which has gone to fuel the beliefs of the naysayers that women's soccer on the continent of Africa is going nowhere,considering the fact that the likes of Ghana and Nigeria have been glued to their ranks for literally eons and have seen no improvement in their fortunes at the world stage but for Nigeria beating Canada at the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup in Germany.

To date,the senior women's national teams of  Nigeria and Ghana who were once power houses have seen their fortunes dwindling where as their youth teams flourish.-strangely enough the senior national teams have the youth teams as feeder grounds with both under the same football association.Meanwhile,the lesser known countries in African women's soccer, are gradually carving a niche for themselves as they climb up the ranks on the continent and in the world,for it is no fluke to see South Africa and Cameroon book their places at the upcoming Summer Olympics,London 2012. Who thought Cameroon will be the second best women's team in Africa, but yes,they are through sweat and tears.
Whiles some football association's have decided to close both eyes to the development of their women's soccer programs others have embraced the women's game and so have thrown their weight behind the women's game by providing financial and logistic support to ensure its success both domestically and internationally.However the most disappointing effect some FA's have on the women's game is those who have chosen to treat the women's game as a recreational venture and so will throw in some "crumbs" which fall of the table of the men's soccer programs in an attempt at  helping the women's sport. Yet, these are the ones who will complain bitterly about the stunted growth of  their country's women soccer. 

The future of soccer is feminine as FIFA president Sepp Blatter rightfully said. The question is why women's soccer is still an international afterthought on the continent of Africa ? Women play the game as well as men and should a quarter of the attention given men be given the women's game,the sky is the limit !
The FIFA rankings are a motivation for all nations  whose women play the beautiful game to reach for the very top. There was a time when both men and women national teams fought to play at the world cup and the women got there first-ask Ghana.This means when given a level playing field,there is no telling the heights women's soccer in Africa can reach.

It is time for the sleeping giants to wake up and to the giant killers,more grease to your elbows. Let's see a few more rise up the ranking ladder,an African country in the top 10 will be wonderful wouldn't it ?

FIFA/Coca Cola Women's World Ranking.Last Updated 01 Jun 2012,Next Release 17 Aug 2012

RnkZon. RnkTeamPts+/- Pos
271 Nigeria16860Equal
502 Cameroon14702Up
513 Ghana14620Equal
614 South Africa13774Up
635 Equatorial Guinea13713Up
676 Côte d'Ivoire13424Up
707 Morocco13313Up
738 Tunisia13254Up
749 Algeria13204Up
8110 Senegal12950Equal
8311 Egypt12893Up
9012 Mali12045Up
9613 Zimbabwe11876Up
10214 Ethiopia11515Up
10415 Angola11345Up
10616 Congo DR11134Up
11417 Guinea10635Up
11518 Namibia10175Up
12019 Tanzania9445Up
12220 Zambia9424Up
12721 Mozambique8745Up
12822 Malawi8405Up
12923 Botswana7085Up
13024 Congo12380Equal
13025 Benin11870Equal
13026 Sierra Leone11320Equal
13027 Eritrea10600Equal
13028 Gabon10310Equal
13029 Burkina Faso10030Equal
13030 Guinea-Bissau9270Equal
13031 Kenya8790Equal
13032 Swaziland8630Equal
13033 Comoros5340Equal
13034 Uganda9650Equal
13035 Liberia8770Equal
13036 Lesotho8580Equal Click here for full rankings

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