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Bringing The Stars Closer To The Fans-ALIMA MORO

Women's Soccer Africa brings it's avid readers,fans,African women's soccer enthusiasts and players another installment of our interview with the stars and budding stars of African women's football. 
CF Trevignano's Alima Moro

WSA had a hearty conversation with the only Ghanaian female goalkeeper playing professionally in Italy- Alima Moro.The shy 25 year old goal tender standing at 1.79m tall and currently the first choice goalie of Italian women's Serie A club CF Trevignano in Treviso drew her fans across the world a little bit closer to what goes on in her career and life in Treviso with this interview.

WSA: First of all Alima Moro,thank you for affording us this interview.

AM: The pleasure is all mine.

WAS:Can you tell us a little bit about how it all begun,your journey as a footballer?

AM: My Interest in sports begun when I was a little girl growing up in Bolgatanga a town in the Upper East region of Ghana,you know,I actually started out in secondary school playing two sports,football and athletics,but football was my first love.I was a discus and javelin thrower and i broke a few records in secondary school.At the regional inter-schools level i  won a silver medal in discus.At the national level i was the second best in the Javelin throw.

WSA: What drove you to  football and into goal keeping in particular ?

AM: I loved the game so much and I believe the authorities at that time saw something in me and so they went on to mention me to the experts in the capital- Accra,who later came to watch me.I later went to Accra to begin my career as a goalkeeper.

WSA:You currently play for CF Trevignano,how has playing for them impacted your carreer ?

AM:I have grown a lot as a goalkeeper since i moved to Italy.Having played in serie C,B and A.My current club has been so good to me and i respect them for that. They have supported me in every way and i am paying them back with my current form.I am the first choice keeper here and we are doing very well in the league.I have played regularly either in friendlies or league matches. So far I have played in 30 matches we've won 26 matches drawn 2 and lost 2 with 18 goals conceded. We have 2 matches more to the end of the season. We are currently second on the league table with just 1 point difference between us and the top spot. My performavce this season has been great and i credit it all to God,my trainers and my  team mates.My club has so much faith in me and i appreciate it very much.

WSA:How will you rate the level of the Feminile Calcio on a scale of 1 to 10 ?

AM: I will not say the Feminile Calcio is the best women's league in Europe but it's of a good standard.On a scale of 1-10 may be a 7

WSA: How many clubs have you played for since you landed in Italy ?

AM : 4. I played for A.S.D.LIGHI in serie A,MAROSTICA 99 in serie C, and CALCIO FEMMINILE VICENZA IN SERIE A  then CF Trevigngano my current club.

WSA : As a Ghanaian plying your trade in Italy,I believe there may be times when you do you feel home sick. What do you do to occupy yourself when you are not playing soccer ?

AM: I listen to music or talk to my friends and family.

WSA: What are some of the difficulties  you face (if any) as a female goalkeeper in Italy ?

AM:  I will say, playing for so many teams without coaches giving me playing time, you can imagine that bad moment in your career as a player.It was frustrating and difficult at the time but i'll say my patience and faith saw me through.Even though i wasn't happy I think i always looked at the situation as a blessing in disguise. Another problem i had in the early stages of my career here in Italy was the language. As a goalkeeper you need to communicate with your defenders at all times but I couldn't speak italian so it was tough communicating with my team mates. Thank God i now speak Italian and i communicate flawlessly with my team mates.

WSA: What is your source of motivation ?

AM: First of all,not forgeting where i come from and how far i have come, i strive to be the best and i work very hard at what i do. To be the first choice keeper of my team and to be mentioned as one of the best goalkeepers in our league and to be representing my continent-Africa and my country Ghana,motivates me even more to work my hardest.

WSA:So let's say it's Friday, you have a game on Saturday,tell us how you personally  prepare for the up coming game ?

AM: I always pray for strength and protection through out my training session and i shut out any thoughts which may hinder my concentration.I always maintain my focus on the up coming game.My mental and physical presence is my focus too.

WSA: Many soccer players are superstitious.Are you and If you are tell us about it ?

AM: I'm not superstitious at all.(laughs)All i believe in is God and nothing else.

WSA:Do you follow any of the Serie A clubs and which one is it ?

AM: Inter Milan is my favorite.I like everything Inter Milan.

WSA: Who do you look up to as a player or who do you admire most in football ?

AM: Gigi Buffon is my favorite player. He is a great goalkeeper.

WSA: What are some of the  goals you have set for your self as a player ?

AM: To be the very best and to play in goal for my country.Right now my main goal is to win the league title with CF Trevignano.

WSA:What will  you consider as a disappointment in your career ?

AM: For me to be professional player and a first choice keeper for my club and not play for my country saddens my heart.All the same God knows best.

WSA:I hope you wont mind giving as a glimpse into your private life by telling us who that special guy is in your life ?( are you married or single)

AM:I will not like to talk about my private life, but i have a special man in my life.(laughs)

WSA:You were called up for international duty a while back but you were not included in the recent call-ups. Were you disappointed and has that had any impact on you as a person and on your career ?

AM: Well,like i said before,it's disheartening but it really hasn't got any impact on my career. I work hard everyday at training and as a person i don't let such situations faze me. God knows best,whatever comes my way whether good or bad i take it in my stride and move on.

WSA:What will be your next career move when your playing days are over ?

AM: I think it's too early to be talking about the end of my career. Right now i'm focused on playing for Trevignano.I am still young and with more years ahead of me. If God wills i want to play for a very long time may we can talk about this in future.

WSA:What advice would you give to the young girls who look up to you and What should your fans expect from you in the future  ?

AM:To the young girls out there,my advice to you is this- never rest on your oars,work hard be disciplined and take your training seriously and do not believe  when told that you can't make it at whatever career you choose to pursue.Always reach for the skies. And to my fans,CF Trevignano can win this league title and with you supporting us it is possible.I am looking forward to celebrating with you in grand style.

WSA:  Your fans will definitely be looking forward to celebrating with you. Your final word ?

AM:I want to say a big thank you to all my coaches who had faith in me and to my team mates and fans everywhere,I love you .I am very grateful to you all especially to Women's Soccer Africa for this opportunity,God bless you all.

WSA: Thanks  so much Alima, for your time. We wish you all the best .

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