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FIFA/Coca-Cola Women's World Ranking-March16th,2012 ,Ghana down a notch

A total of 111 matches have been played since the last edition of the FIFA/Coca-Cola Women’s World Ranking. In addition to a whole host of qualifying matches for continental competitions and the 2012 Olympics in London, two prestigious friendly tournaments took place in early March.The Algarve Cup in Portugal saw Germany make amends for their early exit from last year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup™ by defeating Japan in the final to lift the cup for the second time. The Cyprus Women’s Cup, which was played at the same time as the event in Portugal, was also the setting for some matches of high quality.

Nevertheless, neither tournament has caused major changes in the top ten. The USA still lead the way at the top but Germany have reduced the gap from five points to just three. World champions Japan sit comfortably in third place, meanwhile, and have slightly stretched their lead over Brazil, who have not been in action in the last three months. France are still in sixth place, but they have made up more than half of the points that separated them from Sweden.

Ghana are down from 50th to 51st down the ranking whiles Nigeria retained their 27th position. The race to qualify for the African Women’s Championship 2012 has led to some movement, with Tanzania’s (125th, up 5) victory in Namibia (120th, up 1), for example, earning them a climb of five places. The biggest move in terms of ranks and points, however, belongs to Cameroon (52nd, up 9), who have benefited from a decision to award them a retrospective victory over Equatorial Guinea for the games played on 2 and 17 April 2011. Papua New Guinea (49th, up 3), meanwhile, have claimed a total of 44 points thanks to four consecutive victories in the OFC Olympic qualifiers to surge into the top 50 for the first time.
Cameroon (1466) and Papua New Guinea (1491) are currently on their highest-ever points totals, as are Japan (2114), Spain (1842), Scotland (1775), Costa Rica (1568) and Wales (1546). For Cameroon, Scotland (21st, up 1), Costa Rica (40th, up 1) and Wales (45th, up 1), these points totals also equate to their highest-ever positions. 
Below is the African ranking table:
Last Updated 16 Mar 2012
Next Release 01 Jun 2012
Mar 2012

RnkZon. RnkTeamPts+/- Pos
271 Nigeria16860Equal
512 Ghana1468-1Down
523 Cameroon14669Up
654 South Africa13721Up
665 Equatorial Guinea1371-10Down
716 Côte d'Ivoire13410Equal
737 Morocco1338-1Down
778 Tunisia13251Up
789 Algeria13201Up
8610 Egypt1289-4Down
9511 Mali12040Equal
10212 Zimbabwe11831Up
10713 Ethiopia11511Up
10914 Angola11340Equal
11015 Congo DR11131Up
11916 Guinea1063-1Down
12017 Namibia10171Up
12518 Tanzania9495Up
12619 Zambia945-1Down
13220 Mozambique8751Up
13321 Malawi8401Up
13422 Botswana7081Up
13523 Senegal12900Equal
13524 Congo12380Equal
13525 Benin11870Equal
13526 Sierra Leone11320Equal
13527 Eritrea10600Equal
13528 Gabon10310Equal
13529 Burkina Faso10030Equal
13530 Guinea-Bissau9270Equal
13531 Kenya8790Equal
13532 Swaziland8630Equal
13533 Comoros5340Equal
13534 Uganda9650Equal
13535 Liberia8770Equal
13536 Lesotho8580Equal

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