Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pepertua Nkwocha-It feels Great To Be Considered A Legend

Nigeria captain Perpetua Nkwocha talks to on her coronation as CAF Women’s Footballer of the Year for an unprecedented fourth time. She also expresses her thought on the Nigeria women’s national football team and her career. How do you feel to be crowned the finest women’s footballer in Africa for a record fourth time?
Perpetua Nkwocha: It feels great to be honoured in that regard. Being the first woman to win the Footballer of the Year for the fourth time, what more can I ask for. I’m humbled by the recognition. What impact will the award have on you?
Perpetua Nkwocha: It means a lot for me. In future, I can show my children how my contribution to African football was recognised. I have a great story to tell one day. The award is great in the sense that at least my contributions have not gone unnoticed. How are you enjoying your legendary status?
Perpetua Nkwocha: I feel great to be considered a legend when I’m still active. Not many people get that opportunity. What is happening to the Super Falcons?  You failed to qualify for the 2011 All Africa Games and London 2012 Olympic Games for the first time?
Perpetua Nkwocha: It was a mistake and we have learnt our lessons. We have corrected the setbacks and I don’t think it will happen again. It marks one of the low points of the Super Falcons and they will be no turning back. Most people are of the opinion that your generation has passed their prime. Do you agree to that?
Perpetua Nkwocha: That is not true. The old players are around and new ones are coming in gradually. It won’t take much time for the new and old to gel and bring back the Super Falcons that we used to know. Are we going to see more of Nkwocha in the coming years?
 Perpetua Nkwocha:From next year, there will be no Perpetua Nkwocha on the field. I will hang my boots after playing for more than a decade. I love coaching and will one day want to coach to impart my knowledge on the younger generation.

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