Friday, December 23, 2011

FIFA/Coca-Cola Women's World Ranking-Cote d'Ivoire sinks

The FIFA/Coca-Cola Women's World Ranking released today showed some top African nations making slight leaps up the ranking table but  Nigeria remains glued to their 27th spot, a place they have held for over a year but still number one on the continent of Africa.

Ghana moves up a notch to 50th with Equatorial Guinea dropping one place to 56th.Cameroon's performance this year saw them make significant gains up the ladder when  they leaped 5 places to be ranked 61st in the world whiles South Africa dropped a place to settle at 66th in the world. Egypt moved two places up to 82nd,however Cote d'Ivoire  plunged a whooping 61 places,landing them at 136th in the world but 22nd on the continent of Africa. Below is the ranking table. The next release is scheduled for March 16th,2012 hopefully Africa will strive to break into the top 20 in the world.

Rnk=World Ranking
Zon Rnk=Continental Ranking

Last Updated 23 Dec 2011
Next Release 16 Mar 2012
Dec 2011
RnkZon. RnkTeamPts+/- Pos
271 Nigeria16860Equal
502 Ghana14571Up
563 Equatorial Guinea1431-1Down
614 Cameroon14045Up
665 South Africa13661Up
726 Morocco1340-1Down
787 Tunisia1323-4Down
798 Algeria1320-1Down
829 Egypt13042Up
9510 Mali1215-2Down
10311 Zimbabwe1180-2Down
10812 Ethiopia1136-3Down
10913 Angola1134-2Down
11114 Congo DR1113-2Down
11815 Guinea1073-3Down
12116 Namibia1051-4Down
12517 Zambia952-3Down
13018 Tanzania915-4Down
13319 Mozambique875-5Down
13420 Malawi833-5Down
13521 Botswana703-3Down
13622 Côte d'Ivoire1331-61Down
13623 Senegal1290-51Down
13624 Congo12380Equal
13625 Benin11870Equal
13626 Sierra Leone11320Equal
13627 Eritrea10600Equal
13628 Gabon10310Equal
13629 Burkina Faso10030Equal
13630 Guinea-Bissau9270Equal
13631 Kenya8790Equal
13632 Swaziland8630Equal
13633 Comoros5340Equal
13634 Liberia8770Equal
13635 Lesotho8580Equal

The top ten in the world however is as follows-

2 Germany21430Equal
3 Japan21061Up
4 Brazil2093-1Down
5 Sweden20730Equal
6 France19901Up
7 Canada19892Up
8 England1983-2Down
9 Korea DPR1967-1Down
10 Australia19560Equal

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