Friday, October 21, 2011

Namibia U16 girls to play Botswana

The Namibia Football Association will be hosting a Bi-Nations Under 16 girl’s championship on Saturday as Botswana visits Namibia at the NFA Technical Centre.

According to national team coach Jacqui Shipanga, the championship will be used by the national team selectors to select Namibia’s Under 17 team that will compete in the 2012 FIFA women’s Under 17 World Cup qualifiers next year.

“We will be using Under 16 players and Under 15 because we have to plan for the future and by next year they will be 17 and that will be good for the team if we start now. Because the current Under 17 squad then will have to graduate to Under 20 level and as we know we play Ghana in the World Under 20 qualifiers next year as well. So it will be a busy year for us indeed”, said Shipanga.

She further added that the two Under 16 teams to play on Saturday will be coached by Jeremy Zimmer and Bertus Bock while Tura Magic and former national youth keeper Collin Ndjai will be the goalkeeper coach.

“This again goes to show our commitment to development and giving these guys a chance will be ideal for us to help them develop as coaches and feel part of the game” Shipanga said.

The championship was initially a Tri-Nations tournament but Lesotho had to withdraw due to unforeseen circumstances, leaving only Namibia and Botswana to compete.

Here is the full list of the Namibian team players:

Lovisa Mulunga, Stacey Gille, Alexandrine Kandinda, Ujama Gille, Clauded Boois, Anna Marie Shikusho, Anneline van der Westhuizen, Juliana Blou, Melani Hikuam, Revival Goa-Eises, Anne Diekmann, Daphny Noabes, Tjipekapora Kaovere, Fanuel Johanna, Mildred Ujamba, Rachel Nowases, Abrille Beukes, Michelle Aibes, Tuisira Kavikairiua, Shariffa Appolus, Anuscka Meyer, Mary-Jane Tjihozu, Cadisha Kazimbu, Senoritha Engelbrecht, Emma Naris, Melissa Eises, Hannah Rhei, Stacey Nanuses, Sanatha Plaatjies, Celine Tjombe, Sanna Links, Annouscka Kordom, Moritz Afrikaner, Corrinna Gruenewald, Ukarapo Ngunuvandu, Alicia Gertse, Kamunikire Tjitukua, Lucinda Kasume, Memory Ngonda, Melani Van Rhyn, Millicent Hikuam, Burnie Dennis and Even Mango.

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