Monday, August 8, 2011

Ministry of Social Affairs and Advancement of Women Honors E.Guinea's WNT

It is always a wonderful feeling to be recognized by your country after serving selflessless in what ever capacity. An even more special feeling is the acknowledgment received from fellow women of your country and so, when the women of the Equatorial Guinea national soccer team returned home after the 2011 FIFA women's world cup, the goverment accorded them the warmest welcome with the showering of praises and some cash incentives.

At a ceremony organized in honor of the national women's soccer team,the welcoming remarks were given by the Secretary of State for Sports, Ruslan Obiang Nsue. Then came the presentation of gifts by the First and Third Deputy Prime Ministers, Aniceto Ebiaca Mohete and Salomón Nguema Owono, respectively.Subsequently, the Minister of Social Affairs and Promotion of Women, Eulalia Envo Bela,presented to the players, an amount of money contributed by various individuals and associations, of which 80% was raised by the women of Equatorial Guinea as a token of their appreciation of the efforts put in by the players and officials of the women's national soccer team at the world cup in Germany.

Finally, the team's captains were presented with an of the amount of 13,230,000 CFA.($ 30,000 app) The players thanked the Government of the Republic and the general public  and vowed to continue working hard to achieve the greatest success for Equatorial Guinea in future.

Below are some photos from the ceremony :

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