Tuesday, August 23, 2011

AAG News -Algeria Women's Coach Azzedine Chih : "We Will Win It"

Azzedine Chih

The coach of the Algerian women's soccer team,Azzedine Chih In a statement revealed the ambitions of his team at the All Africa Games when he said, " We will play in this competiton without a complex and thoroughly execute our chances in each game with the ultimate aim of going far in the torunament.Our first game is crucial,we will do our best to honor our national flag and give the best possible result.We will win it"

When asked about this thoughts about the opponents, Azzedine Chih mentioned the physical attributes of the competiton but allayed the fears of their fans stating that his team is mentally and physically prepared to engage any team. He stressed on the playing with vigor and execution of chances as their main focus whiles taking the tournament one game at a time.

Having started their preparation for the All Africa Games months ahead with a team comprising players who ply their trade in the Algerian top flight, coach Chih is happy with the response of his players and believes that the camaraderie and unity forged by the players coupled with the zeal to give their best is a sign of the good things to come in Maputo. The Algerian team wrapped up their training tour in the south of France and will be heading out to Maputo for the All African Games. They are grouped with the host nation,Mozambique,Guinea and Cameroon in Group A

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