Monday, July 25, 2011

Namibia to host Anglophone Women's Football Symposium

The Namibia Football Association (NFA) will host an Anglophone Africa Women’s Football Symposium in November this year.
NFA secretary general, Barry Rukoro revealed this to Namibia Sport on his return from the 5th FIFA Women’s Football Symposium he attended in Frankfurt with Jackey Gertze from the Women’s Desk.
“Namibia is recognised as one of the countries where women’s football is developing well and that is why Jackey had the opportunity to present our women football development project to the delegates who were there,” Rukoro said.
“They wanted to find out how our football development programme, which we presented to them four years ago in Shanghai in China, was progressing,” Rukoro continued.
“Our model was received well among the poorer nations because it is based on developing football in an association which does not have a lot of money,” he added.
“Because of this we agreed with FIFA for Namibia to host an Anglophone Africa Women’s Football Symposium here in Namibia in November.”
Gertze made the presentation based on the Galz and Goals Project, which is run by the NFA with funding from UNICEF.
The project is aimed at empowering Namibian girls aged 9 to 15 to live a healthy life through participating in football leagues and festivals.
Rukoro said he was very grateful for the recognition the NFA was receiving from the world football community.
“We are very grateful for the assistance and the recognition we are receiving from FIFA and the other football nations and we owe them a lot for it therefore we will work very hard to continue with our development,” Rukoro concluded.

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