Sunday, July 3, 2011

2011 FIFA WWC-Equatorial Guinea lose to Australia 3-2 but Anonma Answers Back

The Nzalang Feminina,came out swinging against the Matildas in a game full of oohs and ahhhs.
Hungarian referee Gyoengyi Gaal and her assistants couldn't stay out of the spot light so they throw themselves into the fray by making ridiculous calls or allowing the embarassing spectacle of a player catching a ball in the middle of play go unpunished.

One would ask, what was Equatorial Guinea's Bruna thinking when she caught the ball after it had grazed the post from an Aussie shot and what were the referee's assistants and the referee watching to allow the game to continue after Bruna's equally bizzare act ?

The good news is that both countries moved on from that incident with the Matildas being the most purposeful to come out tops with goals from Leena Khamis,.However, Equatorial Guinea's Anonma must be congratulated for capitalizing on 2 awkward Aussie defensive blunders which earned her a brace and her country's historic world cup goals. 

Despite the Aussies having 61% possession to Equatorial Guinea's 39% in the entire game,Equatorial Guinea showed specs of individual brilliance in Vania,Carolina,Dorine and of course captain,Anonma but failed to gel as a team,a problem with most Africa women's teams.The character of the Equatorial Guineans and the zeal of the team to continue fighting till the end is one that must not go unmentioned. 

 Coach Frigerio's team has indeed drawn the attention of the world for both right and wrong reasons but  against Brazil,much more will be expected from them as a team.This team has a lot to offer and with time,Equatorial Guinea is bound to emerge as an African women's soccer giant.
Equatorial Guinea

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