Monday, June 6, 2011

What in the World Is Equatorial Guinea's Women's National Team Up To ?

Shrouded by a cloak of secrecy,once dogged by controversy,the first country to arrive in Germany, the least experienced among the rest,could Equatorial Guinea's WNT  be planning a surprise for the competition ?

With 19 days left to the kick off of the World Cup,competing nations are wrapping up their tune-up match ups or adding final touches to their game in readiness for the big day with media coverage for all their activities but not much can be said about Equatorial Guinea.

Perhaps they intend to employ the element of surprise as a weapon against the countries in their group namely, Brazil,Norway and Australia. Spooky !

Previously announced friendlies were never played,the press has been kept at bay leaving many wondering what in the world  Equatorial Guinea is up to ?  The Simpore sisters,Bilguisa and Salimata are conspicuously missing from the squad and this makes one wonder what the reason of their absence may be.

Scouts for Brazil,Norway and Australia will have their work cut out for them since there is nothing significant to write home about the Nzalang femenina or is there ? We are yet to see.

As they keep fan and foe in the dark,it is the fervent hope of the African continent that Marcelo Frigero and his charges will leave an indelible impression on the 2011 FIFA women's world cup devoid of controversy, one that will put Equatorial Guinea on the map as a force to be reckoned with in women's soccer.

The world is waiting to see what the Nzalang Femenina is all about ! It's still early days yet with 2 weeks left for kick-off and keeping fingers crossed we hope  the Nzalang femenina gives us a taste of their main course before the table is set.I'm salivating !

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