Monday, June 13, 2011

Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea,Fueled By African Pride Backed By African Unity

Nzalang Femenina of Equatorial Guinea
13 days more and the soccer loving world's attention will be focused on  FIFA women's world cup dubbed Germany 2011.  Africa's representatives,Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea are frantically  tying the loose ends of their game in readiness.

For Equatorial Guinea,Germany 2011 will be their maiden appearance at the biggest women's soccer fiesta they have ever  participated in and as such they will use this as a platform to show the world what they are capable of.  Nigeria on the other hand will seek to redeem themselves by erasing their past failures at the world stage where they have been known as under achievers or also-runs.

Women's soccer on the continent is one of the under funded disciplines whose potential is underrated.Despite the hardships encountered in the pursuit of success and advancement of the sport,stakeholders have not given up hope.Countries have competed fiercely in all women's soccer competitions at club and international level,players have improved in leaps and bounds,coaches are on the increase and the quality of play is on the rise with the unearthing of  talented African female soccer stars, a cross section of which we will watch at the world cup.
Super Falcons of Nigeria

Germany 2011,will be the world cup for Africa although Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea find themselves in the company of  seasoned competitors in the likes of  dazzling Brazil,defending champions Germany,in-form Canada,troublesome Norway,unpredictable France and always dangerous Australia. Both African countries have a point to prove to the world that women's soccer in Africa has what it takes to rule the world especially with Nigeria's women's U20 clinching the title as world champions.Equatorial Guinea will play the role of the dark horse and whoever under rates them does so at their own peril.

It behoves us all,men women and children to throw our weight behind Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea as they suit up for battle.Although rivals,Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea are on the march to put Africa on the map of the world's women's soccer giants and in 13 days, as the  eyes of the continent are fixed on Germany,may the indomitable,indefatigable,resourceful and resilient spirit of the women of Africa  fuel the desire and hunger of both countries to be the best as they can be in their quest for world domination. Represent with Pride !

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